LoadRunner Analysis Series – 1

4 May

I have LoadRunner Analysis 9.50 installed in my PC.This version I had downloaded it from the Performance center 9.50.If you are working in the Performance Center, you can easily download vugen/analysis/snapshot viewer from the left hand side of the dashboard page.See the below screenshot for more information.


Now after running the tests in some environment we open the LoadRunner Analysis result for analyzing the results by connecting PC from the LoadRunner analysis itself.There is a option in Standalone LoadRunner analysis to connect to Performance center but we need to give the login credential of Performance center in Analysis.

All you need to do is go to Open LoadRunner Analysis > Goto Tool item > Performance Center Connection. Then fill the Performance Center Credential.See below screenshot.


Of course when I open the Stand alone analysis , I get the below pop up,Hang on for some time, I will investigate the reasons/impact for this pop and will revert back.

LR Analysis Opening_POPUP

Once we are connected to Performance Center,we can download the results from the Performance Center and analysis the results in the standalone Analysis engine.However download of the results also depend on the speed of your network and sometimes I have seen that it gets struck after couple of minutes.Well this post is precisely for highlighting all these issues with integration of Performance center with various other standalone components.

So I have connected to Performance Center via LoadRunner analysis and have downloaded the results file for the latest run of my test.Please note that I have also enabled sitescope monitors in Performance center so we will also be connecting the data from the Sitescope for the duration of the test run.So I am trying to open the Sitescope data in the analysis Engine.


Once all the data is downloaded and aligned in the LoadRunner Analysis, the new graph window just refuse to close and all the buttons in the windows go into the modal state that is none of buttons like open,close and help  work at all.Please see the below screenshot.

I was really wondering what could be problem for such a behavior,maybe sometime when I have time I can see what was an issue.However I will keep writing about funny things I see as I have all the super products from HP.There is lot of mystery in the way these products work when they are all integrated.I am talking about integration of Sitescope/HP Diagnostics and Performance Center.
The performance center version is 9.52 and Analysis Standalone version is 9.50 ,Sitescope version is 10.0 and HP Diagnostics version is 7.50.We are talking about the above version of various products.and windows version I am using can be found in below screenshot.



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