Eleven reasons as why people appreciate the work you do.

11 May

I was thinking why client appreciates the work we do for them, some of the reasons that came to mind are,

1. When we are working hard/smart and meeting our deadlines.

2. When client sees some value in our work and that work is giving some progress to the client.

3. When we walk the extra mile to achieve the results, which is acceptable to the client.

4. When we collaborate with various teams and work together to achieve the results.

5. When we give information what our clients or various teams require from us so that they can mitigate the issues early.

6. When we bring financial value to the project by using innovative methods and techniques.

7. When we deliver the task or activity in on time, within budget and resource.Hmm this is hard point and most of the time, it never happens.

8. When we deliver the quality as required by the client.

9. When we are able to meet the expectation of the client. Good example of this point, ability to reproduce the production issue in the test environment.

10. When we are able to stay calm in hard times, crisis and take healthy decisions. Yes, people do appreciate this point as well but they will not show it off.In fact this is one point that gives difference between leaders and managers.

11. Some clients also appreciate when they are relieved from pressure that the task is completed. Sometimes situation arises where client do not trust the team and somehow team manages to complete the task. Personally, I feel this is sugar coated appreciation technique.

It is not necessary that appreciation should come from client or senior management, even if your friends/colleague appreciates your efforts, then it really shows that you are person with strong field experiences and they accept you as one of the expert.” Been there “is more important in order to succeed in career. I am also not taking in consideration the appreciation, which young teams receive for working overtime or coming on weekends etc because these are all due to wrong planning or mismanagement etc and reasons could be anything beyond the scope of this post.


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