Google was Spying…

18 May

There is lot of heat generated by Google admission that they have captured all the private information of consumer when they were capturing all the data while building their site for Google Street view maps.Well this is one of most serious violation of people privacy.

However I am not surprised at the admission of this from Google,as someday some one could have hinted at it and later this could have led to the serious trouble for the company.Maybe  already someone might have given indication of this to Google, and that’s reason why everything is out.But why after nearly 4 years and process for collecting the data remains the same for all these years and yet nobody ever noticed the data they are collecting, Sounds extremely unbelievable.

I personally believe that Google has grown to too big to care of its people and its customer. This is from my experiences I had with the Google some months back.Let me give you some information about the incident here,

One of my friends Sister’s picture was posted on the Orkut with false information.The profile of the person posting the information was well maintained and clean in information.But the person was claiming that My friends sister was his wife,now imagine the impact of the this profile on the life of my friend’s sister.I am sure people here in India know how its going to impact the life ,if someone comes to know about that profile, all her  life is going to get ruined.My friend who is not in IT told me about this incident.I did some Google and then finally wrote the mail to Google Abuse team giving them all the information.After 3 days they responded back with automated mail,saying that my information is wrong and they cannot do anything with that profile.So now I am left with no choice as how to resolve that issue and have Orkut remove the picture of my friends sister from it.

Do you see the impact Google is having on our life ?

I am sure there are many such cases where Social networking sites are falling short in terms of customer expectation.There are more number of fake profiles in social networking sites than real ones.

I also don’t see any major change in these sites other than editing some clauses of Privacy section.Privacy comes into the picture only when you are the member of the site,but how about controlling the fake information that flows in the site and that has social and destructive impact on the lives of the people.Google needs to come up with some techniques where they are allowing people to post only information which is true and does not do any negative impact on the lives of the people.If they cannot do it, then they should not be in this business and should not be playing with lives of the people.Its so easy to create a fake profile with fake information and attract people.I am sure all you need is to provide a valid email id,valid zip etc and create a profile,faking the identity has become so simple.

Maybe some day some employee  from these technology giants face this kind of a situation with their competitors and then they realize impact of their sites and how hard it is to get the information corrected and rectified.

Here are some of the links worth reading on,


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