Testing Lessons, What your teacher do not teach you,

1 Jun

Back in early 2000’s there was hardly a very few testing institutes which use to teach testing.If I recollect some of the names,it was SSI/APTECH etc which was dominating the testing training field here in India.Roger’s pressman book was the bible for testing and to be honest I still consider it to be best bible for the simple reason that he covers the entire SDLC process and this would help us to know as where testing stands in SLDC.We use to see the competition in the newspaper ads and these institutes use to compete like hell.I believe still that kind of competition exists in India.There are institutes which will teach you LoadRunner for Rs 599(About 12 USD) and that too latest version 9.x.I know its hard to believe but I have the picture to prove this, See below,


Now this post is all about what your teacher irrespective of any training school will not teach you..

1.Does your teacher teach you to see the complete impact of your work for the organization you work for ?

2.Does your teacher teach you as how to calculate the importance of each of your bug/deliverable you give with respect to project you work for ?

3.Does your teacher teach you how to respect the fellow colleague even if you have disagreement with him or her ?

4.Does your teacher teach you to handle the messy situation with calm and ease ?

5.Does your teacher teach how to handle project/team politics ?

6.Does your teacher teach you how to become a better team member or leader keeping aside your technical skill sets ?

7 .Does your teacher teach you how to justify yourself correctly in times of crisis or when you are firefighting alone?

8.Does your teacher teach you about leadership ?

9.Does your teacher teach you how to say “NO” in the appropriate manner?

We may call answers to these questions as SOFT Skills but I believe these are required and most important skill sets which you need to build starting from your day 1.Also some of the questions might not have right or wrong answers,but right answer for you or your reporting manager could be the wrong answer for your project stakeholders or your project owners.


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