Random thoughts on need for Performance testing…

2 Jun

Performance testing is considered as one of most expensive type of testing that happens on the software product which could be either client server or web application.It requires a lot of investment in terms of resources,extra servers,huge amount of test data,expensive tool and the environment which needs to exclusively set up for Performance testing.As more and more companies are recognizing the value of software testing,they are making sure that each and every release should undergo certain types of testing like functional testing,UI Testing and Performance testing etc.

I have come across few accounts where delivery team will not accept the release until and unless the product has been signed off from all these testing managers.So now there is growing trend I have noticed that anything which needs a testing should also undergo the Performance testing and they should also have performance testing signoff report with them.I have seen there are certain business domain folks who send the entire portfolio of application into the cycle of Manual/Functional/Performance Testing without accessing the real requirement for these types of testing.

So for the benefits of the larger audience ,I thought maybe I can share my viewpoints as when its not feasible to send the product/Project for fully loaded performance testing cycle.

1.If Transaction which you are measuring is very low.Lets say that you have around 10 business transactions happening in the day for the business process.

2.If your user base is very low.Lets say that you have 10 users doing same X transactions 1000 times in the day.

3.If you are using cloud/SAAS platform, cloud/SAAS providers needs to assure you the performance else it makes no sense to use these platform for saving some percentage in cost and losing very large percentage in sales.

Well please note that I am not saying that you should not do performance testing at all for above scenarios,but what I mean to highlight here is that we can use the existing development/Functional testing resource for Performance testing in order to make sure that application or product meets the minimum performance requirement for its user base.All the above scenarios do not require a fully loaded performance testing cycle.Even a manual tester can open the multiple browser windows and test the performance for 10 user load by doing some action on the application and seeing the behavior of the application with 10 user load.In short certain situations require using Stop Clock to measure response time as its more economically feasible than using Million dollars Performance testing tool.

The GO or NOGO for performance testing also depends on the business value of the product.If we have 10 high value external users using the external site for buying most expensive items spending millions of dollars on those products, then obviously I would recommend performance testing for that site.However if the site used is internal and users are internal to the organization, than I may not recommend performance testing for it and would rather request the developer to assure me the performance of the site.

The best person who can tell you whether you require performance testing or not is your Enterprise Architect or your Business Analyst.Enterprise Architect is one the who applies right technology to achieve the business goals by interacting with various business owners involved and your domain Business Analyst is the one who knows what are the tolerance level of the user base and economical impact of the non compliance.

A Dollar saved is Dollar earned and people do appreciate the sincere recommendation given with pure intentions.


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