Is this bug related to Google Apps or Google Chrome Browser ?

16 Mar

Well I had a lot of documents which I wanted to store in online Google documents so that I can read them while I am free.

So I login to my Google apps application domain so that I can transfer the documents to the Google apps,but for some reason Google chrome browser started complaining saying that Google app page is getting unresponsive.All I am doing is following the instructions given in the below screenshot.

1.I Drag and Drop files from the folder.Size of the folder is 512mb.



2. I select all files.




3. I drop all files to Google Apps document page.


4. I get below screenshot.



Well I am not sure whether the this bug lies in chrome browser or Google apps plugin which Google uses for uploading the file.Whatever it is ,I call this as bug given that this gave me some discomfort and I had to select files one by one rather then uploading it at one go.Google Picasa is great at uploading files of similar size,I never faced any issue with Google Picasa.

Second great thing about this all episode is that Google chrome browser does show that page has become unresponsive,maybe I need to investigate this issue still more deeply.There might be lot of action which Google chrome might be doing behind the scenes.

Another great news is that IE 9 is the fantastic browser and its speed is amazingly fast compare to earlier versions.I found it faster than Google Chrome 10 Version.Also now with IE 9, we can edit files names in windows explorer tab, cool features ,I think either I missed it or Microsoft failed to bring it earlier with its previous releases.




So I would suggest  just dump your earlier versions of IE and go and get IE 9. Your browsing experience is bound to change for good.


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