Little Fun playing Remedy ARS 7.x version with LoadRunner 9.x–Part 2

20 Mar

There is not much information available about working Remedy ARS with LoadRunner.For my project I had to check only 2 sites, one with BMC Communities site and other was from one Australian site.Then there were some reference of ARS with LoadRunner in HP Forums as well,but there were incomplete and provided no insight into the issue.

The most helpful site was this . So I am going to start my post highlighting and giving some of my observation as what is already present in that site.So basically I would say that I am adding some extra stuff with regard to analysis of issues which is given in that site.

Most of the errors which we encountered in the project were already given in that site.But again those errors were not entirely due to scripting issues,most of them indicates an issue with the application.Lets see them here.

1. Authentication failed: This error can happen for many reasons.What we observed was that for some reasons users were getting locked in mid – tier layers in spite of clicking logout link.Repeated login with the same users with proper logout lead to the authentication failure message.This message is good  to have as global verification.Once user sees this message he need to start the clean iteration again. Second option is to ask DBA to clean the user session from the backend.Both can be done.

2.Network protocol/data error when performing data operation : This message comes when we have either the failed correlation or for some reasons post request gets corrupted.This message is triggered from the backend database.Your backchannel request may succeed but for some reason Database might not send you the required information.To debug this error, one has to start with error code which comes with this message.Its normally 9095.This message can also come under load.So its good to have this text in either content check or global verification point.

3.Session is invalid.Please contact administrator : This message can come under load and it could indicate the performance issue.So having this text in content check or global verification really helps.One point to be noted here is that this message is no way related to failed correlation.Remedy is complex systems and session needs to be maintained across various layers.Sometimes inaccurate timeout setting set up in the various layers often trigger this message.One has to check the error code which comes along with it for further debugging.

4.Message not found : This is message which comes when either your post request is incomplete or your post request sends the hardcoded data which is not present in the backend database.We need to remember that most backchannel requests work like query,so when we get this message it means that our request succeeded but for some reason backend database executed the query which post request had and it did not fetch any data.Its good to have this message in content check or global verification point.

5.User is currently connected from another machine : Whenever we get this message, it means that user is locked.Reasons for locking could be either license issue or session issue.Users with floating license frequently get this message in case session management is not clean.This could be performance issue or functional issue.

Also one need to check the server response for each of the backchannel requests.If for any reasons if the response differs then we need to investigate the cause for that, below is one example which we encountered for one of the backchannel requests,

During recording, we have something like this for request Backchannel_15


after we correlated and parameterized the script correctly ,we often use to get for same request,


n=0 normally means that Database did not send us any rows of information required,whereas while recording we had around 19 rows of information coming out from the database.This indicates the performance issues somewhere down the layers and this needs to be investigated completely.

In addition to above message ,one can also get the user warning message, so whenever we have user warnings, then script needs to enhanced so that whenever user warning comes, it has to click the OK button of that warning, else there will be no insert or update to the backend database.Frequent user warning indicate either flawed workload model or performance issues.So we need to investigate this to find out the root cause for this warning.Here also error message guide from BMC will be very helpful.

If for some reason you are not able to understand the backchannel requests, then I would suggest you to read this.Silk Performer guide will give you some insights as what makes the backchannel requests and how to read them correctly.If for any reasons, the above link does not work for you, then please Google “ Remedy ARS with Silk Performer”, I am sure Google will take you to the right link.

In addition to above errors, one might also come across various other warnings and errors, Remedy ARS does a pretty good job by giving error code to each error message,here is the error message guide for Remedy ARS.Again if the link does not work for you, then please Google “ Remedy ARS error message guide “, I am sure you will be pointed to the right link.Download the pdf and see why you are getting that error message.


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