Processes When to follow and When not to follow..

27 May

Processes sometimes helps and sometimes do not help. There are situation which require process improvement and there are also situation where by following process in itself becomes a bottleneck. Blindly following the processes means that we are wasting valuable time and energy without understanding or knowing that process is indeed bringing any value add on to the table.

There are lot of situation where processes bring value add to the table, some of them are Release management processes, Environment Management Process, Testing Process, Estimating and costing processes. However sometimes these same process can become a bottleneck in certain conditions like releasing the product to the client to meet his time demand without fully educating him about risks or bypassing the development team in all together to troubleshoot the key critical issue like high CPU usage or memory issues, just because the environment where the error shows up is owned by the Environment team.

Sometimes there are cases where by following the process in itself consumes lot of time and later on people understand that issue which they are triaging do not belong to them and so cannot be solved by them. However they are bound to work in those areas for sometime for the reason that they own that functional area. Sometimes people use processes as their tool to defend/avoid/initiate activities which can or cannot bring positive results to the project.

Sometimes in large companies, due to various reasons people follow processes very strictly but again just because we work in large companies do not necessarily mean that we should not check for any value add. If involving development team in early stages helps to fix the issue quick and fast, then it makes more sense to take their help and fix the issue rather than wait for environment folks to do some trial and error and come out with fix. Look at the amount of time we are losing here.

So the best way to judge whether the process is bringing any value add to the table or not is to ask self questions like Will following this process xxx do my job faster or I still have some other better options to explore ? If your answer is yes, then I suggest go ahead and show that you can indeed bring value to the table. Saving project time is also a good value add.


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