My New Year Resolutions – 2012

21 Jan

I am also one of those guys who year after year had some resolutions and then year after year has broken it for various reason.Now that I am maintaining my own blog, I feel its good thing that I should note down  the list of tasks which I believe I should focus on in 2012.There are number of things which I want to do in 2012 both at personal and professional level.

Some of the stuffs I will be focusing on in 2012 will be ,

  • For some time now, I had a desire of building something like Facebook or Twitter ,though the skeleton is somewhat ready, I need to focus more on dressing the skeleton appropriately.I really wish to spend more time on this in 2012.
  • I think I should work more hard this year in understanding CSS/HTML/HTML5/Javascript and how these things are rendered by browsers.I think this is one of the most interesting areas which every performance engineer should focus on at some part of their career.
  • I think I should be writing more on the Performance Engineering topics which has always been my interest.I will also be writing about as how to use/identify/verify/fix performance issues with LoadRunner/Silk Performer.These are my Favorite tools and will continue to be.I just love the way these tools work and have been designed.
  • My blog  needs some attention from me,lot of people and spammers have complained that I don’t maintain “About me” and overall my site sucks in terms of look and feel.So I will working on to improve my site. I will see if I can convert this site to full fledged knowledge repository site.
  • On personal level, I feel I need to practice more on controlling the emotions and concentrate more on my health.2011 was one of most bad year for me when I think about it in terms of health issues.
  • I will be watching more movies, first day first show and spend lot of time with my family even if this means doing less work and giving up projects.

Finally I am thankful to all friends, colleagues for making my last year 2011 a good one.


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