Is Eye Blink really too long time to wait ?

1 Mar


Google’s Findings says Yes. Vow 400 ms End to End Response Time.

I came across the link  Steve Souder tweeted about an article which was published in NYTIMES. It was an fantastic article  which I believe was highlighting some research done by Google with regard to response time.The article also mentions some findings from Forrester Research with regard to  response time.I feel its good read and I believe whoever has pushed for publishing this article has done great job. Being a performance engineer I feel we need to create awareness among users and businesses.I believe speed matters a lot  and Time is Money.

There was also some interesting takeaways from the comments section of the article.Below are some  which I have summarized here,

  • Lot of people believe Ads slows down the site and they are quite annoying at times.
  • Lot many folks wants expect sites to return results  before they blink their eye and they want that returned results should meet their expectation.
  • There exists some awareness about the way internet works.Some folks believe its their ISP which needs to be blamed for slowness ,some believe its hardware and some believe its browsers.
  • Its good to know that someone from IBM did some research on response time before internet was born.
  • Some folks believe internet creates addictive behavior and therefore create obsessive behavior.So they are satisfied with 2 sec to 4 secs response time.

So finally you might be wondering as why I am writing about this article here,I feel its good to  keep a note about all the stuff that is happening on internet with regard to performance engineering and how users perceive performance engineering.


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