Different types of Difficult People

7 Nov

If you are working hard, putting lot of efforts and still you believe that you are not able to keep people or your management satisfied, then probably you are dealing with difficult people with thick skin.Over the years working in various programs and projects, I have observed that few project with much more complex technologies , I was able to deliver faster and with excellent results  and than there projects which were on darn simple technology , yet I faced many sleepless nights delivering those. When I think about those projects which went smoothly than those which did not go, I see that projects which did not go smoothly were having a project stakeholders which were very difficult people to deal with.There were always nagging even for the smallest miss for various reasons. So I am going to write about different types of people who exhibit different behavior, probably we can categorize people based on their behavior. Below are the different types of people with different behavior.

The Tank: Pushy and ruthless, loud and forceful, or with the quiet intensity and surgical precision of a laser, the Tank assumes that the end justifies the means. If you are in the way, you will be eliminated.

The best example of these kind of people I have seen are onsite delivery folks of the service providers.They will do anything and everything to keep their clients happy and satisfied no matter even if means doing bending the rules.They believe that its their job to keep clients happy at all costs.

The Sniper: This covert operator resents you for some reason. Instead of getting mad, he or she gets even by identifying your weaknesses and using them against you, through sabotage, gossip and putdowns.

Office Colleagues are the best example for snipers. I have  N number of times in projects team members complain about each other or doing gossips.

The Grenade: This person explodes in tantrums that seem disproportionate
to the present circumstances, sending others ducking for cover and wondering what it’s all about.

Some of the cases for Grenade I have seen with sales folks.Even for the smallest miss, they create lot of noise.

The Know-It-All: This person knows 98% of everything. (Just ask!) Know-It-Alls will tell you what they know—for hours at a time!—but won’t take a moment to listen to your “clearly inferior ideas.”

Most of the senior level folks fall in this category. We do expect senior folks to know it all.

The Think-They-Know-It-All: Although these people don’t know that much, they don’t let that get in the way. If you don’t know much about what they’re talking about, they may mislead you into trouble or throw a project off track.

Most of the fake candidates show these kinds of behavior.

The Yes Person: Quick to agree, slow to deliver, the Yes Person leaves a trail of unfulfilled commitments and broken promises. Although they please no one, Yes People over-commit to please.

Probably I belong to this category. My wife says that I always say Yes to everything and then don’t keep the word.Probably people who have worked with me will also agree to this.

The Maybe Person: When faced with a crucial decision, the Maybe Person keeps putting it off until it’s too late. Finally, there comes a point when the decision makes itself. Then it’s nobody’s default but his or her own.

Most bosses in IT companies fall in this category. They avoid fixing things till it breaks completely.

The Nothing Person: You can’t know what’s going on because the Nothing Person tells you nothing—no feedback, verbal or nonverbal.

Folks working in Strong IT functional organization exhibit this behavior. They will not open their mouths no matter what you do until they see they some benefits out of your activity.

The No Person: This person says, “Every silver cloud has a dark lining” and “I’m not being negative, I’m being realistic.” Doleful and discouraging, the No Person drives others to despair.

There are few folks who are straight forward and will convey the decision with  bold No.

The Whiner: These people wallow in their woe, whine incessantly,and drag others down with the weight of their generalizations that nothing is right, everything is wrong and its always going to be that way unless we do something.

Most of the people including myself at times whine about activities or environment which are not favorable to us. Majority of the people I have seen are whiner.

Since IT business is mostly about dealing with people and their behavior , I believe every IT Engineer should have some basic information about human psychology.In  some cases , it helps a lot.

PS: The source of this article is Dr Rick and Dr Rick Brinkman.



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