Reacting to Escalation

11 Jan

In Software Industry we often have to deal with the escalations for various reasons. I often get questions from young people as why people escalate on them in spite of working for more than 12 hours a day. There are lot many reasons as why escalation happens, some people escalate due to unmet expectation, some escalate due to political reasons, some escalations are genuine, some escalations are pure fake and some are just show of strength. There could be N number of reasons as why people can escalate on you, lot many reasons are out of control and you have a hardly left with any choice other than dealing with it. What really matters during that time is how we maintain our calm and patience and deal with the situation? I have managed escalation for many years at times managing then very well and at times taken a beating and have seen lot of up and downs in my professional career . I had people who appreciated my work and there were people who wrote me off totally. So I feel I have some tips that I can suggest the people,

  • Maintain Calm and Patience. Control Emotions. Talk Less and Listen More.
  • Watch out as what your speak with others. Lot many times taking too much or giving too much explanation does more harm than good. If someone asks for explanation, do provide it, but only after negative thoughts are off your mind. Don’t reply when you are mad.
  • Sleep well and let thoughts flow off for at least 8 to 10 hours. You might feel like victim but its fine. Talk to your colleague /friends /Wife and pass out your thoughts.
  • Have confidence and belief no matter how bad things are, you will put your every effort to set it alright. You will never give up in spite of getting resistance.
  • Sometimes during tough encounter, unpleasant/Vicious meetings, it’s better to take a break and come back. I have seen lot many people going to wash room to wash the face and come back. Probably they take a break so that they can re energize themselves. It’s very good smoothing technique.
  • Accept the mistake if it’s genuine error on your side and take steps to ensure people that it will not be repeated. No Excuses.

Reacting to the escalations is all about altitude, confidence and optimism. Life nor career stops due to escalation. But yes they do provide an opportunity to improve. So improve yourself and thank to the person who escalated on you since thought you something new. At times reading the escalations is also about the wisdom.


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